Geri Halliwell shows off her beach body in Mexico

Other News Materials 13 August 2008 13:08 (UTC +04:00)
Geri Halliwell shows off her beach body in Mexico

(telegraph.co.uk) - The former Spice Girl agreed to pose for Hello! magazine during a two-week holiday in Las Alamandas in Mexico with two-year-old daughter Bluebell.

In a candid interview Geri revealed how she still worries about her figure but is no longer image obsessed.

"My self-esteem is no longer built into having a perfect body although I have the same hang-ups as many other women," said the 35-year-old mum,

"At the moment I'm a bit curvier having done the tour, so it was big mental step forward for me to show my natural self, rather than my worked-out honed self."

Geri, who has never married, also admitted shying away from intimate relationships.

"I definitely have commitment issues," she said, "It is lovely to be with somebody and find a connection and by intimate and open. That is wonderful but I have learnt there are also minuses to that.

"As a single person I have learned to cope by myself and I have my own habits. Allowing someone into my life is a huge adjustment."

She added: "I love being in love but I can be fickle. One minute I think somebody is the love of my life and the next I don't. I blow hot and cold."