British scientists see parallels between birds and football fans

Other News Materials 3 September 2008 21:20 (UTC +04:00)

The behaviour of rival gangs of birds is often akin to that of football fans chanting battle-songs and commiserating with each other after losing a contest, British scientists have found. ( dpa )

Researchers examining the behaviour of the South African Green Woodhoopoe found the birds "engaged in raucous vocal displays akin to opposing football supporters chanting at one another," it was reported Wednesday.

They also preened each other after losing a conflict with a neighbouring group, as encouragement to pick themselves up and fight another day, researchers at the the University of Bristol, in south-west England, found.

"Just as football fans commiserate with their friends in the pub when their team loses a match, research demonstrates that birds support one another following contests with their rivals," a spokesman for the project said.