Explosive charge thrown at EU mission in Kosovo

Other News Materials 15 November 2008 04:07 (UTC +04:00)

An explosive charge was thrown at the building housing the office of the European Union's special representative in Kosovo on Friday, shattering windows and damaging some cars nearby, police said.

"An explosive device was thrown at the entrance of the International Civilian Office (ICO). Many windows and a few cars are damaged," Kosovo police spokesman Veton Elshani said, Reuters reported.

The mission in a statement said "a small, non fragmentary" device exploded in front of the office, but no staff members were injured.

The ICO is the office of EU Special Representative Pieter Feith, which oversees the independence of Kosovo. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February after nine years under U.N. stewardship and is recognized by more than 50 countries.

The EU condemned the blast.

"The presidency reaffirms the determination of the European Union to work toward establishing the rule of law in Kosovo for the benefit of its entire population, through the European police and justice mission," it said in a statement.

The explosion came in a time when the leaders of the ethnic Albanian majority have rejected an amended plan of the U.N. Secretary General Ban ki-Moon and new conditions for deploying the EU police and justice mission in Kosovo.