Top Official: Writer Akram Aylisli disrespects memory of thousands of martyrs

Photo: Top Official: Writer Akram Aylisli disrespects memory of thousands of martyrs  / Politics

Azerbaijan, Baku, Feb. 5 / Trend E. Mehdiyev /

Head of Azerbaijani Presidential Administration's Social and Political Department Ali Hasanov has expressed his attitude to Akram Aylisli's novel "Stone Dreams".

"A person being a popular writer disrespects memory of thousands of martyrs," he said at the IV Congress of the Azerbaijani Confederation of Trade Unions. " If a person has no national spirit, he cannot have a sense of humanity. If a person does not have enough civil responsibility, he cannot have human responsibility. How can one flatter other people and slander his own people to present himself as the bearer of human values?"

"How many Turks and Muslims lived in the capital of Armenia - Yerevan?" he inquired. "Azerbaijanis accounted to around 90 percent of Yerevan's population. One can see many mosques on the picture by the French artist, painted at the beginning of the century. All of them were Azerbaijani mosques. How could a city, having so many mosques, be an Armenian land with from medieval centuries? He represents Armenian youth who killed thousands of Azerbaijanis, occupied Azerbaijani lands and committed the Khojaly genocide as a defender of human values, but he represents his people as murderers and weak personalities."

"How can one justify the actions of this man?" Hasanov said.

"As the Azerbaijani people, we must express public hatred towards these people," he said. "A person without nationality has no right to talk about human values. We are tolerant. We have seen a lot of such people. Orhan Pamuk was condemned by his people and was forced to leave the country when he expressed such an opinion that "Turks must recognize the Armenian genocide". What was the purpose? It was done only to get an award. Is it worth to receive this award when your people, your nation abandon you? Nothing can be above the national feeling. Why do the so-called journalists, writers, politicians, expressing their opinions against Azerbaijan through Internet, demonstrate such an attitude to Akram Aylisli? Do they think that maybe someone will help them in the future to come to power for their statements? It is a shame and disgrace".

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