Physician: Iranian government's jamming signals causes miscarriages

Photo: Physician: Iranian government's jamming signals causes miscarriages / Society

Azerbaijan, Baku, Sept. 30/ Trend M. Moezzi

A newspaper article has attributed the increase in miscarriages in Tehran to the jamming signals the government produces to block television programs.

"Over the last two years, the unplanned termination of pregnancies has grown 3.5 percent and ectopic pregnancies have increased 2 percent," Melat-e Ma newspaper cites Dr. Abutaleb Saremi, who heads the Sarem Cell Research Center (SCRC) at Sarem Women's Hospital, as saying.

Iran has used jamming signals to block some of the programs aired by television channels outside the country.

Dr. Sarem noted "We've witnessed the growth in these statistics with the increase in jamming signals and electromagnetic waves."

The researcher pointed to some of his research data to highlight the issue, "Between late March and late July in 2010 38 miscarriages were reported at our treatment center which grew to 67 over the same time a year later and to 114 cases in 2011." The doctor emphasized that "what's caused the sudden increase in miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies in the study period is the effect of jamming signals."

Dr. Saremi said the Ministry of Health hasn't published any reports on the health effects of the jamming signals. "Specialists continue to warn the public about jamming's effect on their health," said Dr. Saremi who added that the experts believe "the electromagnetic waves negatively affect humans' health and can create problems in the body's immune system.

The head of Sarem Hospital's Cell Research Center (SCRC) also attributed the rise in infertility, especially among men, to electromagnetic waves. The waves, said Dr. Saremi, "affect men's reproductive cells and make them defective, causing infertility." The signals also harm eggs and sperms.

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