Top official: Azerbaijan attractive example for spiritual values, development prospects (PHOTO)

Photo: Top official: Azerbaijan attractive example for spiritual values, development prospects (PHOTO)
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Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 2

By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend:

It is necessary to select the best, those with special leadership qualities to popularize the nation, head of the Department of Public and Political Issues of Azerbaijani President's Administration, Ali Hasanov said on Dec. 2.

Hasanov made the remarks during the presentation of the grant contest of the Youth Fund under the Azerbaijani president today.

"It is necessary to support the development of youth," he said. "Young people must be competitive. It is necessary to enter the international arena with their help."

"We are proud of our country," he said. "Azerbaijan is a member of the UN Security Council. Azerbaijan became the venue of the world-level economic, political, social and cultural events."

"Azerbaijan has become one of the most prosperous countries," Hasanov said.

"The spiritual values, intellect and prospects of development made Azerbaijan attractive," he said. "All spiritual, financial, economic, social, energy and other resources serve not only for welfare of the Azerbaijani people, but also the whole region and the world countries."

"The Youth Fund's activity is aimed at supporting the state youth policy in these areas," Hasanov added.

It is necessary to use the opportunities of Youth and Sports Ministry to discover the young people with great potential in various fields and with extensive opportunities for individual development, Hasanov said.

"Developing leadership skills in a young person will allow us to solve the problems of the state and nation tomorrow thanks to that leader's capabilities. One leader saves one state, and ensures the development of one nation. We need to find 5 or 10 such leaders every year, for example, leaders in the field of sports, culture, politics, social life, etc. and develop them by using public funds," Hasanov said.

Hasanov said today in Azerbaijan the number of young people in need of government support is much bigger than the number of those who receive financial support.

"What should be done now? The organizations representing the youth should seek and facilitate the involvement of the youth into projects. Simplifying the process can attract an ever larger contingent. Of course, the number of grants can also be increased. The main thing is that no initiative should remain unnoticed," Hasanov said.

He noted that today the researches in the most challenging spheres of the fundamental science, which require a lot of funding, are conducted by the state and its centres.

"We are obliged to use the technologies in medicine and economy that are offered by the West," Hasanov said.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to get rid of certain Western values, the desire of using certain journalists, media outlets, and sometimes young people against the state and its people, usage of people against their state, by means of giving them small grants, etc, he underscored.

"If someone among the young people today supports anti-Azerbaijani project in exchange of 2,000 or 3,000 manats and thereby meet their needs, then it is time to get rid of it. We have enough opportunities for this. Each of us must work to save young people from the negative influence," Hasanov underscored.

He said it is necessary to create a public mood that would allow young people to be committed to national and spiritual values, so that they would know about the values of the Azerbaijani people, respect and preserve them in conditions of globalization, Hasanov noted.

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