Erdogan criticises west's silence on Israeli aggression

Photo: Erdogan criticises west's silence on Israeli aggression / Turkey

The west remains silent while Israel bombards and terrorizes Gaza, Turkey's Prime Minister said at a rally in Sanliurfa on Sunday, Anadolu Agency reported.

He added that the normalization of relations between Turkey and Israel will never occur as long as Israel continues to use the disproportionate amount of force against the oppressed Palestinian people.

The prime minister also criticized Muslim countries who have failed to send any high level delegates to Jeddah to discuss the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. He said only three countries including Turkey and Qatar sent high level ministers, Turkey sent its Deputy Prime Minister and Qatar sent its Foreign Minister to participate in the emergency meeting. He added the rest of the Muslim countries remain unmoved and this shows the weak position the Muslim community is in.

"Israel is dropping 400 tons of bombs on our brothers, not agree with brutality is brutality itself," he said.

At least 166 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza since late Monday.

Israel has launched a military offensive - dubbed "Operation Protective Edge" - against the Gaza Strip with the stated aim of ending rocket fire from the enclave.

However, the Israeli Foreign Ministry claimed on Thursday that at least 681 rockets had been fired at Israel from Gaza since June 7.

No Israeli fatalities have been reported so far.

Erdogan also said that Turkey has been left alone with the burden of Syrian refugees while the rest of the world fails to help.

Turkish Red Crescent Society, Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency and other NGO's are working day and night to help refugees, he said.

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