Possibility of US Attack to Iran Real: Head of Urosevic Foundation

Politics Materials 2 April 2008 18:36 (UTC +04:00)
Possibility of US Attack to   Iran Real: Head of  Urosevic  Foundation

Azerbaijan, Baku, 2 April / corr . Trend D.Khatinoglu / Bringing the U.S. military forces to battle preparedness in the Persian Gulf once again testifies the supposition of outbreak of a new war in the region. "The USA's beginning a new war is real," said the Chairman of the Urosevic Research Foundation of London, Piruz Mujtahidzade .

The Russian special services informed that the USA brings its army to battle preparedness on the border of Iran, Iranian newspaper ' Intihab ' reported referring to the portal of Information Clearing House. The material says that Washington is preparing to attack Iran in the near future, placing new military aircrafts and ships in the Persian Gulf.

"The USA continues its plans of occupying the countries in the region," the Professor of Political Sciences of Tehran University, Mujtahidzade , reported to Trend by Telephone from London on 2 April. According to him, the USA has tied up to crisis around Iraq, and therefore, yet is not capable to begin a new war.

"The tension in Iraq in the recent period resulted from Washington's plans to attack Iran. The Mehdi Army was not involved in the disorders in Iraq. The new confrontation was caused by the statement made by Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri al- Maliki , who due to the support by the USA called on the British peacekeepers to recede from their positions in the controlled zone (Basra), provoking Mehdi Army to come to show its advantage in the region, as well as organized disorders and killed activists of Mehdi Army and tried to demonstrate it as order of Iran to create disorder with hands of Shiite organization. Such scenario is necessary to prove that as tough Iran interferes in the situation in Iraq," Mujtahidzade said.

According to the expert, the USA's attacking Iran or Syria will bring to serious crisis both in the region and in the USA itself. "Attacking Iraq, the USA harmed its international image, as well as its military forces weakened and serious problems appeared in its economy. Beginning a new war, which is necessary to hide the mistakes being made, will bring to deeper crisis," the expert said.