If mutual accusations continue within Azadlig' block, it will split up, Nuraddin Ismayilov

Politics Materials 2 February 2006 17:15 (UTC +04:00)

The mutual accusations of the parties, entered Azadlig (Freedom) block, are irrelevant. It is undesirable fact for the people, sworn to struggle for democracy together, and casts doubt to authority of Azadlig block, Nuraddin Ismayilov, the spokesman of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP), told Trend.

It should be mentioned the mutual accusations of the parties, entered the block, assume open character on the pages of newspapers.

According to Ismayilov, misunderstanding between the parties, which were allies once, must pass to healthy platform and does not wound smbs self-esteem. If the accusacions of intentional and planned character contunue, it will lead to split-up of the block. Touching upon the further fate of Azadlig block, Ismayilov said that the organization would acts on the political scene of the country in case of existense of social demand. Otherwise, the activities of the block will be over.