40 days pass after armed attack at Azerbaijani university

Society Materials 8 June 2009 11:21 (UTC +04:00)
40 days pass after armed attack at Azerbaijani university

Azerbaijan, Baku, June 8 / Trend , K.Zarbaliyeva/

Some 40 days have passed after the armed attack happened at the Azerbaijani State Oil Academy on April 30.

An armed man attacked Building 2 of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy at early morning on April 30. According to preliminary reports, the armed man killed 12 and wounded 13. The joint statement by the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office said the attack was committed by 29-year-old Georgian citizen Gadirov Farda Asad oglu by Makarov revolver.

The attack was committed by 29-year-old Georgian citizen Gadirov Farda Asad oglu. The killer shot himself dead while he was rendered harmless by police.

Three cartridge-belts with capacity of 40 bullets and 71 bullets and two magazines were seized from the body of the killer.

A suit has been filed on murder for hooliganism purposes (120.2.2), brutal murder (120.2.4), murdering more than one people (120.2.7), and an attempt of murder (29, 120.2.7) and illegal storing of arms (228.1). 

The Prosecutor General's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan reported that Gadirov Farda was born in 1980 in the Georgian village of Dashtepe of Marneul region. After a long stay in Russia, in October 2008 he returned to native village. On March 12, 2009 he asked the inhabitant of Marneuli, assistant driver of the passenger bus "Marneuli-Baku", Gabulov Arize to assist him in renting an apartment in Baku.

As a result, Gadirov Farda leased an apartment in Chobanzade str. of Baku's Nizami district, which was owned by Gabulov's brother Arif. On the next day, they arrived in Baku and Gadirov stayed in the apartment.

As a result of a search in the apartment, was found nine millimeters cartridge, synthetic black mask with the image of a wolf, and used medical rubber gloves.

Investigation and operational measures are taken with regards to the brothers Ariz and Arif Gabulov.
It was revealed that Gadirov Farda systematically maintained contact with Nadir Aliyev by telephone, registered in the name of Kazimov Madat living in the Dashsalahli village Gazakh district of Azerbaijan. On March 15, Aliyev came to Baku and regularly met with Gadirov Farda.

To avoid any possible obstacles for the implementation of the planned crime, on 30 April at 9.30, Nadir Aliyev also came to the administrative building of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, and took part in the crime together with armed Gadirov Farda.

As a result of search at Javidan Amirov's house, 12 cartridges of AKM shotgun and Makarov pistol, as well as 5.04 gram of hashish was found and withdrawn.

The other detained Georgian Citizen Nadir Aliyev is accused of the Articles 32.5, 120.2.2 (participation in murder for hooliganism purposes), 32.5, 120.2.4 (participation in brutal murder), 32.5, 120.2.7 (participation in murdering more than one people), 29, 32.5, 120.2.2 (participation in attempt of murder with hooliganism purposes), 29, 32.5, 120.2.7 (participation in attempt to kill more than one people) and 228.1 (illegal storing of arms), as wellas resident of the Shulaveri settlement in the Marneuli region Javidan Amirov - the Articles 228.1 and 234.1 (acquiring and storing narcotics and psychotropic substances without sale purposes).

The study of cartridge cases and bullets on the scene initially showed that shootings were made only from one Makarov pistol. It was also proved that Gadirov Farda killed himself by this arm.

As a result of joint activities of law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan and Georgia, a search was held at the house of Gadirov in the village of Dashtepe of Marneul region. As a result, a number of documents were found in the name of the offender, a check on the purchase of arm on Oct. 24, 2008 (with which the crime was committed) belonging to Kula ARMS Georgia JSC weapons shop in Tbilisi, 14 cartridges, bullets and cartridge cases, two of patronage with a capacity of 50 rounds each, means for cleaning weapons, disposable gloves, serrated knife, and three photographs of the offender, where he holds the weapon.

The other side of one of the photos describes the words "24 Feb., 2009 Gadirov Farda lone wolf", on the other - "My every step is death. November 10, 2008 Gadirov Farda." Moreover, the officers found notes with different telephone numbers, 15 video cassettes, a paper describing the words "Look at the cell phone's video and know who I am", the video records showing him as saying "There is no love for me, but only hatred. I am coming to Baku, I will shoot everyone who I will see, I will not surrender to police and I will enjoy from killing", his wearing a wolf mask and his shooting from pistol.

During investigation with the close support of law enforcement agencies of Georgia, it was revealed that after returning to the village of Dashtepe from Russia in October 2008, Gadirov Farda contacted by phone and periodically met with a citizen of Georgia Sergey Grigoryan (born in 1961) in October-November (Armenian by nationality, but calls himself Georgian). Together they purchased Makarov pistol for 500 lari and 100 cartridges for 200 lari in the gun shop. 

Currently, law enforcement agencies investigate Sergey Grigorian's participation in the heinous crime at Azerbaijani university, as well as the legality of the purchase of the pistol.

The report also says that due to the refusal of Gadirov Farda's parents and relatives, he was buried as neglected.

Commander in Chief of the Air Forces of Azerbaijani Rail Rzayev was not killed by a pistol Makarov, with which the murder was committed at the Azerbaijani university by Gadirov Farda.

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