Plaintiff in Khadija Ismayilova’s case appeals to Azerbaijani general prosecutor

Society Materials 12 December 2014 18:14 (UTC +04:00)
Tural Mustafayev, the plaintiff in the case of Khadija Ismayilova, an Azerbaijani journalist who was arrested earlier, made public his appeal addressed to the Azerbaijani General Prosecutor Zakir Garalov.
Plaintiff in Khadija Ismayilova’s case appeals to Azerbaijani general prosecutor

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 12


Tural Mustafayev, the plaintiff in the case of Khadija Ismayilova, an Azerbaijani journalist who was arrested earlier, made public his appeal addressed to the Azerbaijani General Prosecutor Zakir Garalov.

A criminal case was earlier initiated against Khadija Ismayilova on the fact of inciting the former correspondent of radio Azadlig and Meydan TV Tural Mustafayev to suicide.

It should be noted that on Oct.20, Tural Mustafayev took zinc oxide, which is harmful to the human body, and attempted to commit suicide in the Seaside National Park.

Below is the text of Mustafayev's appeal addressed to the general prosecutor:

"I hereby apply to the honorable general prosecutor of the Republic of Azerbaijan and would like to inform that I graduated from the Journalism Faculty of Taffakkur (Thought) University in 2005 and started my career as a regional reporter at ANS TV channel in 2011. Thereafter, I worked as regional correspondent at the 'Channel S' Shaki TV. Then I sent my CV to Azadliq (Liberty) Radio in 2013 and started my job at the radio as regional correspondent from February."

"I married in 2004. I have two children from my marriage, namely Tunjay Mustafayev born in 2004 and Tunay Mustafayev born in 2012. I worked as Azadliq (Liberty) Radio's correspondent in Shirvan district and lived in Goychay district in my own home. As a result of my travels to Baku, I became acquainted with Khadija Ismayilova, who works there as a reporter - it was almost July - August."

"The close relation between me and Khadija started from Oct. 5, 2013. On that day, I was in Baku in connection with my career. We had a dinner in Hazi Aslanov district of Baku. After the dinner, when she noted that I have no place to rest, she invited me to her home. We arrived at her home almost 23:00. We watched some movies there and then intimate relationship started between us."

"This resulted in very closer relationship between us. After that night, I was at her home every night when I was in Baku. Our relationships became closer and closer, even she felt jealous of my relations with anyone other. October was over and I was chatting via my cell phone with one of my classmates, namely Arzu. Khadija saw it, became upset and started to argue with me, what ended our relationship. I soon understood that she will cause my dismissal from the work, therefore, as a preventive action, I submitted my resignation application - it was evident that she can highly influence the Radio's decisions."

"One time, when I decided to write some investigation works, my coordinator, Babak Bakirov, objected to this. Then Khadija introduced me to him and, thereafter, I started to write investigations. After my resignation, I alternatively had travels to Baku in November to find a job. I met Khadija once again and this restored our relationship. I started visiting her at her home. Meanwhile, I was informed that Meydan TV, managed by Emin Milli, announced job vacancies with high salary. I sent my CV to that TV channel."

"Khadija introduced me to Emin Milli and he employed me there. I heard from Khadija about this. My employment contract at Meydan TV had been concluded for a 3-month period. My relationship with Khadija was very good until March. I was at an event with Khadija, scheduled for March 8. Khadija believed that I will go with her to her home after the event. But during the same event, I saw my present girlfriend Rovshana and got acquainted with her. I had conversation with her even we danced together. Here I felt that this caused Khadija to have a bad feeling. After the event, Khadija asked me whether I was coming with her or not. I had to accompany Rovshana. Immediately after her arrival to her home she started to write to me on Facebook. She accused me with baseless charges and noted that she is willing to have intimate relationship with me. I objected to her opinion and wanted to clarify the issue the following day."

"I came at her home on March 9, at around 14:00. During the time I was in Khadija's home, through her friend, namely Aynur, she informed Rovshana that I was there. This caused ending my relationship with Roshana. Two days later, I could convince Rovshana and restored the relationship with her again. Here I put an end to my relationship with Khadija on March 9."

"Thereafter, Khadija started to humiliate me and said bad words about me and my girlfriend, Rovshana, to the people in close to us. In late March, Emin Milli told me via Skype that my employment contract will not be renewed any more. When I asked about the unpaid portion of my salaries, he told that the manager of financial affair is out of offıce. Despite the fact that I asked Emin Milli via Skype and Facebook to pay my salary, he refrained to pay it, but when I informed him that I am about to claim against him before a court, he eventually paid me. I became informed that my dismissal and delay in payment of my salaries took place at the request of Khadija."

"Emin's relation with me was also severely affected. Despite that, I made a lot of effort to find a job through websites, my effort was unsuccessful. I applied once again to Azadliq (Liberty) Radio but each time they withdrew by stating some excuses. I knew that Khadija prevented renewal of my employment at Azadliq (Liberty) Radio. I found myself with an empty pocket and my family members became needy, and on the other hand, Khadija started to accuse me in the community, and all this caused me to feel very bad. I found myself humiliated in the community. Despite it, I tried to manage the situation and to join to some events and make something as a journalist. I became aware that a training course is going to be held in Tbilisi in May 2014."

"I decided to join to the project. But the project manager, Aynur, who is one of close friends to Khadija, rejected to register my name in the training, under the guise of the lack of funds. Since the organizer and trainer of the course was Khadija again, I found that she caused the refusal of my request. This situation and Khadija's action affected me seriously and I found myself depersonalized before my girlfriend, Rovshana, and in the community. I was unable to look at Rovshana's face, and since all my efforts for finding a job failed, I bought a bottle of alcoholic beverage and drank it. Then I tried to make a rope from fabrics and tried to commit suicide by hanging myself from the ceiling. I took some photos with rope in my neck and shared it on the Facebook. Then, I hanged myself, but the rope was burst and I fell down. I then tried once again, but it was late because some of my close friends were aware what is happening and they were in their way to my home. They arrived and prevented me. I became engaged with Rovshana in May 2014. But, Khadija did not give up. She said some unpleasant words about Rovshana and me at different places. This didn't only affect my relations with colleagues, but also weakened my relationship with Rovshana. We had frequent argues. We were about to put an end to our engagement. But each time I expressed my love to Rovshana and the fact that I planned to begin my matrimonial life with her and tried to restore our relationships, Khadija introduced me as an alcoholic man in the community. She also called Rovshana and her mother as low class people. I found that as a result of Khadija's efforts, Rovshana's relations with me were weakening day by day."

"In addition, despite submission of my application to Azadliq (Liberty) Radio, they rejected my application despite the fact that I was jobless. They completely deleted my name from Azadliq (Liberty) Radio's list. As a result, I contacted with Khadija on October 16, to visit her and ask her not to disturb me. Instead she humiliated me again saying, "I have no extra time to spend with people like you". Then I wrote several SMS to her but she failed to respond them. As a result of Khadija's actions, I lost my family, and my parents became dissatisfied, the relationship between me and my girlfriend was affected and, as a result, I found myself depersonalized among the people and this badly affected me."

"I was feeling this way for a while and, finally, I lost my patience and attempted to kill myself. I ate raticide on October 19, but escaped the death as a result of medical emergency's effort and interference of physicians. Based on foregoing, I ask you to initiate the legal action against Khadija Ismayilova."