“I want to discover whole world with Baku Higher Oil School”,

Society Materials 26 July 2018 12:53 (UTC +04:00)
Interview with Rustam Garayev who earned 700 points at entrance exams
“I want to discover whole world with Baku Higher Oil School”,

Baku, Azerbaijan, July 26


Interview with Rustam Garayev who earned 700 points at entrance exams

– Rustam, please tell about yourself.

– I was born in 2002 in Baku, but my family originated from Minkend village of the Lerik district. I started school when I was five years old. My favorite sports are swimming and judo, and I like playing chess. I consider myself a calm and realistic person.

– Whom would you thank for your success at the entrance exams?

– I would like to express the most profound appreciation to our class teacher Ilhama Veliyeva and to all other schoolteachers. Of course, I want to thank my parents who helped me so much in my way to this success.

– Why did you select the first group of specialties?

– I have been always interested in technical disciplines. Entrance exams in the first group of specialties allow for enrolling at a higher educational institution where these subjects are taught. So, I have selected to take exams in this group.

– Rustam, why did you decide to study at Baku Higher Oil School?

– The main conditions influencing my decision to study at the Baku Higher Oil School are the quality of the education, which is in English, and high professional qualifications of the teachers. In addition, the teaching process is very well organized and BHOS conducts a lot of meetings with leading experts from various enterprises for the students. And most importantly, I want to discover the whole world with BHOS, which opens up new horizons for me.

– In your view, what profession has the most promising future?

– Today, technology is the most rapidly developing sector. Keeping this in mind, I would say that professions related to computers and automation are the most promising ones.

– As for you, what profession do you want to obtain at BHOS?

– I want to be a Process Automation Engineer. I believe that in this case, I can easily build my career, be it in Azerbaijan or abroad.

– What do you plan to do after the graduation from the Higher School?

– I am going to continue my education and do a Master’s degree abroad.

– Where would you like to work and at what position?

– Someday in the future, I would like to establish a company in Azerbaijan that will meet all international standards.

– What disciplines do you like and why?

– My most favorite discipline is physics. I think that physics underpins all technical sciences and it is a driving force for developing modern equipment and technologies.

– In your opinion, what is needed for success?

– It is important to find and set up a goal. Then you need to work very hard to achieve it.

– What do you in your leisure time?

– I play football, listen to music and work on computer programming.

– What is friendship for you? How do you choose friends?

– I think real friendship shall be unconditional. It usually takes me some time to become friends with someone. I always want true and sincere friendship.

– What would you advise future prospective students?

– I would say them: never lose courage and never give up. Improve and develop yourself, and participate in all test exams.