Azerbaijan's first Karabakh war vets receive lump-sum payments

Economy Materials 27 July 2023 12:58 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan's first Karabakh war vets receive lump-sum payments
Humay Aghajanova
Humay Aghajanova
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 27. A total of 17,234 Azerbaijanis who were injured in the first Karabakh war received the lump-sum payments, Chairman of the Board of the State Social Protection Fund of Azerbaijan Himalay Mamishov said, Trend reports.

He made the remark during a press conference on the work done in the first half of 2023.

"Funds in the amount of 109.9 million manat ($64.6 million) were spent," he said.

The amount of the lump-sum payment, in accordance with the Decree No.1513 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on December 23, 2021, is as follows:

First degree of disability - 8,800 manat ($5,176);

Second degree of disability - 6,600 manat ($3,882);

Third degree of disability - 4,400 manat ($2,588).

Persons who have the right to receive the lump-sum payment:

- persons who were assigned disability as a result of injuries received during service before August 2, 1997;

- persons who have a disability as a result of injury or illness in the performance of military service duties;

- persons who have a disability in connection with the service, but have undergone rehabilitation;

- persons who have received an insurance payment in a smaller amount than the established amount;

- heirs of the above categories of persons (in case of their death).

The lump sum is paid from the expenses of funds allocated for this purpose from the state budget.