Uzbekistan increases export of cherries to China

Business Materials 16 July 2018 13:18 (UTC +04:00)
Uzbekistan intends to supply to China about 20,000 tons of high-quality cherries in the next season.
Uzbekistan increases export of cherries to China

Baku, Azerbaijan, July 16


Uzbekistan intends to supply to China about 20,000 tons of high-quality cherries in the next season, "News of Uzbekistan" reported.

The representative for the coordination of the export of agricultural products in the framework of cooperation of Uzbekistan-China Dilshod Mullabaev held talks with employees of the quarantine service and the General Administration of Customs Authorities about the results of exports and future plans, the press service of the General Administration of Customs of China reported.

The Uzbek "BigArologistics” company exported the first batch of cherries to China on June 4. The samples for the holding of 40 kinds of laboratory tests of the exported products were taken by the specialists of the receiving side. Full implementation of each stage of preparation of the batch of goods for the export on the basis of agreements reflected in the protocol was positively evaluated.

"The US cherries become more expensive from year to year, and the long preservation of it in the cold rooms is harmful. So we are ready to receive a biologically pure product from Uzbekistan," said one of the biggest cherry importers.

The sides also discussed the export of other types of agricultural products and fruits to China from Uzbekistan. Proposals were made to introduce some changes in the export of cherries. For example, it was proposed to change the process of fumigation of cherries with methyl bromide gas before export. It was said that the berries processed this way quickly change their appearance, and their quality deteriorates, so the proposal for cold processing of cherries was approved.

"Cherries are a difficult product for export, and the step-by-step implementation of protocol requirements in sending it to the world market has become a great experience for Uzbekistan. The method of planting cherries was changed within two years of export of cherries to China. The quality of products has improved through the use of new experience of planting trees away from other plants, compliance with the distance of at least 3 meters between seedlings, a new "method of vineyard", the introduction of drip irrigation, the use of new pheromone traps for insects. But there is still much work to be done", said Mullabaev.