Krasnoye Sormovo Handed Over 5th Oil-Tanker Dede Qorqud to Azerbaijan`s Caspian Shipping Company

Business Materials 28 September 2006 21:13 (UTC +04:00)

Today, on September 28, the Shipyard Krasnoye Sormovo (Group of Offshore Oil and Gas Projects) has delivered the fifth oil-tanker "Dede Qorqud" to Azerbaijan`s Caspian Shipping Company, Trend reports referring to a message spread by the Group of Offshore Oil and Gas Projects. A delivery-acceptance act on delivering the tanker to the customer was signed in Krasnoye Sormovo. The tanker has left for Astrakhan, where from it will follow the Caspian area of water.

The head vessel Heydar Aliyev was delivered to the consumer in September 2004, Babek in November 2004, the third vessel Shakh Ismayil Khatai in October 2005, the fourth one Koroghli at the end of July 2006, and the last the fifth oil tanker Dede Qorqud built within the contract on delivering has been handled over to the customer today.

The construction of the vessels of Project 19619 allows shipping and carrying of several grades of refined product in twelve load reservoirs for one passage simultaneously. In addition, the

tanker has water ballast tanks in internet welts and double bottoms, and works in different weather conditions, in the regions with the cold-temperate sea climate. The performance attributes of the vessel: the length- 150 meters, width 17.30 meters, the height of the board 10.5 meters, the speed at full load- 10 knots, the total volume of the fuel tanks 14.770 cubic meters, the crew 21/23 persons, the portability of the navigation - 20 days.

According to Mikhail Ayvazov, Director on Shipbuilding of the Group of Offshore Oil and Gas Projects told that the Caspian Shipping has accepted 5 tankers with an optimal deadweight for the Caspian from the shipbuilding facility.

The tanker of Project 19619 is the biggest vessel in the Caspian Sea and capable to enter any ports of the sea, as well as to pass the Volga-Baltic water canal. For the Caspian, with its tempered depths, the navigation of the vessel with the draft of seven meters allows avoiding any special dredging works and the remote mooring lines construction.