Anti-Terror Union of Shiite and Sunnite Scientists in Iraq to Positively Impact other Arab Countries: Iraq Experts

Politics Materials 5 February 2008 19:46 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 5 February / corr Trend R.Hafizoglu / The joint struggling of Shiite and Sunnis against terror and radicalism can ensure stability in Iraq. "Iraqi Anti-Terror Union of Shiite and Sunnite Scientists is very important for the stability in the region," Iranian politician Ahmed Tagiy said.

The Shiite and Sunnite scientists held a joint conference on 3 February in Iraq on fighting against terror and heresy (action contrasting with Islam principles), Al-Jazair TV reported. Sheikh Yusif al-Gardavi and outstanding Shiite scientist Muhammad Hasan Fazlullah could not attend the conference due to unknown reasons.

Initially the meeting did not yield any results, even so Iraqi experts consider it to be an important step for future dialogue between Shiites and Sunnis.

"The Iraqi Anti-Terror Union of Shiite and Sunnite Scientists is important not only for Iraq, but for all Arab countries," Tagiy, the Director of the Strategic Research Center Farat, said in a telephone talk with Trend from Kirkuk on 5 February. Though the meeting of Shiite and Sunnite scientists was not so effective in the initial stage, the continuation of these meetings will quickly yield fruitful results.

"The latest developments in Iraq directly impact the Arab countries and Muslims world-wide. The assembly of representatives from the two sects shows that both sides suffer from terror and heresy," the political expert said.

The expert said that accusations laid by Iraqi Sunnis on Shiites for their cooperation with the United States and participation in the elections are groundless. "The democratic holding of elections in any region is not convincing in any region under occupation. In contrast to the Sunnis, the Iraqi Shiites went to the elections demonstrating prescience. Boycotting of elections and the Government by Sunnis is a political mistake," the exert said,

Abdulllah al-Juburi, a political expert and the Director of Al-Iraq Press, also appraised the assembly of Sunnite and Shiites scientists in Iraq.

"The meeting held in Iraq by the scientists of Islamic sects is very important for the future of Iraqi and all Muslim nations, Juburi said over a telephone talk with Trend from the UK on 5 February.

'The Islamic factor plays a considerable role Iraqis' life. A union of representatives from sects against terror and heresy will lead to maintaining of stability not only in Iraq, but in all Muslim countries," the political expert.

Juburi said that though the meetings yielded no results, they will certainly occur in future.

Since the beginning of war in Iraq the media reported the number of victims reached 350,000 people, whereas the number of injured comprised 4mln people.