Azerbaijani president receives credentials from newly appointed Turkish ambassador (PHOTO)

Politics Materials 3 May 2021 11:42 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani president receives credentials from newly appointed Turkish ambassador (PHOTO)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 3


Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev received credentials from newly appointed Turkish Ambassador Cahit Bagci on May 3, Trend reports.

Ambassador Cahit Bagci presented his credentials to President Aliyev.

"You are welcome, greetings! I am sure that your days in Azerbaijan will be pleasant," President Ilham Aliyev said while speaking with the ambassador. "In fact, you are in your homeland and I am sure that you will feel at home here."

"Turkish-Azerbaijani friendship and brotherhood are at the highest level today, and we are always with each other in all matters," the president added. "The second Karabakh war once again showed the whole world that Turkey and Azerbaijan are together, and the support of my dear brother, esteemed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, inspired us from the first hours. Because from the first hours of the war, Turkey and its President have given us moral and political support."

"This moral and political support was provided until the last day of the war," the president said. "Our victory in the second Karabakh war, of course, created a new reality in the region. Turkey and Azerbaijan have expanded their capabilities in the region, and our role and influence have increased and will continue to grow. All our joint projects and initiatives play an important role in ensuring stability and peace in the region."

"We can talk for hours about our relationship, you know all this well," the president said. "At the heart of our relations are the brotherhood of our peoples and the political resolve of our leaders."

"Turkey and Azerbaijan, as two brotherly countries, will continue to support each other in all matters, stand by each other in all matters and continue their efforts to establish peace in the region where we live with tangible work and steps," the president said.

"I am confident that you will make every effort to further develop these relations during your tenure," the president said. "I wish you success. Welcome to Azerbaijan - your homeland!"

"It is good to see you, Mr. President, " Ambassador Cahit Bagci said. "First of all, thank you for receiving me. Greetings to Your Excellency and the First Lady."

"Our President is sending his greetings and respects," the president said. "Congratulations on your victory. Hopefully, during my tenure, I will strive to further develop and advance our relations. Thank you very much."