Norway’s new gov’t considering opportunities for upgrade of bilateral relationships with Azerbaijan вЂ" Norwegian Amb

Politics Materials 27 October 2005 14:30 (UTC +04:00)

“Norway’s new government is currently considering the opportunities for development of bilateral relationships with Azerbaijan,” Steinar Gil, the Norwegian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, told Trend.

According to Gil, Norway is interested in more development of political, economic and culture relationships with Azerbaijan. The government has an intention to study in detail the new perspectives of cooperation in the energy, industry and other spheres of mutual interests.

The diplomat said after the forthcoming parliamentary elections the governmental delegation could pay visits Azerbaijan to study the perspectives of cooperation. The ambassador did not exclude the visit on the level of heads of state or governments.

The new government of Norway headed by Prime Minister Yens Stoltenberg was formed in mid-October 2005. The government includes 10 minister from the Labor Party, which is headed by Stoltenberg, 5 вЂ" from the left Socialist Party and 4 вЂ" Centre Party.

The previous government, which has recently resigned, was headed by Prime Minister Kiell Magne Bondevik.