PA Government Services started exit poll in Azerbaijan at 08.00am [local time]

Politics Materials 6 November 2005 12:35 (UTC +04:00)

Representatives of PA Government Services company, which entered a deal with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) on the organization of exit poll in Azerbaijan, set up the inquiry procedures from 08.00am [local hour].

A correspondent of Trend , who participated in exit poll at polling station 18 of the 3rd Yasamal Constituency Elections Commission 17, reports that officials of PA Government Services offer every 4th voter to participate in the exit poll.

Along with names of candidates the inquiry form also include questions concerning the gender, age and level of education, as well as reasons for selection and the time, also the time of adoption of the final resolution on selection of the candidate.

During the voting day, information received from the precincts will be accumulated in the Information Center, especially organized in Baku. The preliminary data will be publicized in the evening of the elections day, while the final results will be announced with in 24 hours of the polling.

Exit poll is held in half precinct elections commissions of Azerbaijan (65 of 125), while the constituency elections commissions were selected through the special computer program. 15 precincts were selected in every constituency elections commission and their number total 975.

PA Government Services is a world prominent consulting company, which realized numerous projects in the countries of Africa, Caucasus, Afghanistan and Central Asia.