Chief of Administration of Milli Majlis: Organizing Election Commissions on Equal Basis the Shortest Way to Break Up Elections

Politics Materials 23 November 2006 16:54 (UTC +04:00)

Amendments will be made to Azerbaijan Election Code, Safa Mirzoyev, Head of the Administration of the Milli Majlis (Azerbaijan Parliament) said, Trend reports.

He said that election is a very complex and difficult process by itself, which is being improved every time. The Azerbaijan party has its own proposals on this issue and discusses them with experts of the Venice Committee of the Council of Europe. A decision is expected to be taken as a result of the mutual consent. Mr. Mirzoyev said that proposals of the Azerbaijani party are mainly linked with improving the election process, using legal mechanisms to prevent deliberate and non-deliberate violations. He also emphasized that there are some points in the law that are to be made more precise to be more exact and accurate.

Touching upon the issue on moving amendments to the Code, that are connected with the content of the election commissions, the head of the Parliamentary Administration said that they wished the content of the constituencies were as it was today. He considers proposals on organizing the commissions on the equal basis as inadmissible. Mr. Mirzoyev is sure that that organizing commissions on the equal basis is the shortest way to break up elections.

The Representative of the Azerbaijani Parliament said that in the future, it would be more expedient to form commissions out of specialists which were well aware of the election procedures and belonged to no party. Constituencies protect the interests of those political forces and parties they are belong to, and in the future, we are about to turn to professional election commissions. Azerbaijan is ready to launch it, and we have enough specialists in this field, he said.

According to Mr. Mirzoyev, that will not happen immediately, and require a certain period of time. It will be implemented in the election commissions of all the levels. Such commissions should be permanent, and employees of these bodies should earn their salary from the State Budget, as it is in al civilized countries to bear responsibility not only before the society, but also before the State.