Baltika-Baku to resume supplies to Georgia

Business Materials 4 July 2011 17:04 (UTC +04:00)
Baltika-Baku has not yet supplied its products to Georgia in connection with the search for a new distributor, the company reported on Monday.
Baltika-Baku to resume supplies to Georgia

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 4 / Trend /

Baltika-Baku has not yet supplied its products to Georgia in connection with the search for a new distributor, the company reported on Monday.

Previously, the company had a contract with Kapitalpoint to sell Baltika-Baku products in Georgia. However, the document has expired.

"Several Azerbaijani media outlets informed that the Georgian Quality Foundation informed in an official letter the Azerbaijani Union of Free Consumers that Baltika-Baku products in the amount of $150,000 were withdrawn from sale in Georgia due to the discrepancy of the required standards," the company said.

Baltika-Baku officially refutes information about the ban on the sales of its products in Georgia.

Baltika-Baku has reported that its products, particularly products supplied to Georgia, are confirmed by laboratory examination of the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents and the conclusion of the Azerbaijan Commerce Chamber's Examination Center, as
well as numerous certificates of conformity issued by the Azerbaijani state bodies.

"We are surprised with the appearance of the media publications based on the unconfirmed evidence in most cases without comment from our company. It is not enough that the company's products are not represented in Georgia's market today and the figure of $150,000, which appears in materials, is similar to the sum of Baltika-Baku's former distributor Kapitalpoint's debt. Kapitalpoint to pay us money for the products supplied in 2010. In May 2011, we were forced to appeal to the Sumgayit Administrative and Economic Court to recover debt from Kapitalpoint. The claim has been satisfied. The court made a decision to keep this amount from Kapitalpoint's account. We assume that the publications may be associated with this situation," General Director Adam Tlekhurai said.

Baltika finished purchasing the brewery in Azerbaijan in August, 2008.
As a result, Baltika became full owner of to 90 percent in Baku-Kastel brewery.

Baltika-Baku brewery has increased its capacity to 10 million decalitres per annum and launched export to neighboring countries. The plant produces brands starting with Baltika No.3, Baltika No.5, Baltika No.7, Baltika Kuler, as well as Arsenalnoye brand.

In 2009, Baltika had a major reconstruction in the Azerbaijani production platform. Total investments at the end of the investment program were approximately $20 million.

Baltika-Baku is a part of Baltika Brewery, which celebrates its 21st anniversary this year.

The company developed a strict quality control system, which applies, inter alia, in the factories, where the beer is brewed under license.

All the plants are equipped with laboratories and samples from beer brewing, for example, in Azerbaijan is not only monitored for compliance with the quality of the laboratory plant in Khirdalan, but also regularly sent to the headquarters in St. Petersburg, to the Research Center.

The plant has started exporting the beer to Georgia since 2009.

The company exported 90,000 decalitres to Georgia in 2010. The major export brands were Baltika No. 9 Krepkoe, Baltika No. 7 Expor, Baltika Cooler" and Arsenalnoe.

Baltika Brewery is the biggest company in the production of consumer goods in Eastern Europe. Baltika Brand has the highest sales in Europe (Euromonitor). The company has breweries in 10 cities of Russia, a factory in Azerbaijan. Baltika Brewery is the leader on the Russian beer market.