Last week review (21.12- 26.12.2009)

Analysis Materials 30 December 2009 12:01 (UTC +04:00)

21 December
•    1st International Conference "Information systems and technologies in customs sphere"
•    Monitoring of New Year gifts and pyrotechnics started in Azerbaijan

22 December
•    Postal operators of Iran and Azerbaijan reached agreement on bilateral cooperation
•    New oil and gas contract was signed in Azerbaijan
•    Palmali group of companies launched new tanker
•    Amendments were approved to law on criteria for small business entities on types of economic activity
•    Regulations were approved for registration of registry of residents of special economic zones
•    Azerbaijan and UAE signed protocol as a result of second meeting inter-parliamentary commission
•    Azerbaijan President signed an order introducing law on cost of living for 2010
•    Azerbaijan President approved law on 2010 budget of State Social Protection Fund  

23 December
•    Railway departments of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia discussed North-South project
•    Azerbaijan President inaugurated technological park in Sumgayt city

24 December
•    SOCAR acquired about 30 petrol stations in Ukraine
•    Communications administration of Azerbaijan attends preparations to World radiocommunication conference  
•    Big French insurer expressed its wish to join Azerbaijani insurance market
•    Import of grain products for State Grain Fund was exempted from customs duties

25 December
•    Azerbaijan ratified bill on non-bank credit organizations
•    Moratorium on exempting dividends on deposits in banks and NBCO from taxation was extended in Azerbaijan

26 December

•    Azerbaijan President approved 2010 budget of State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan
•    Minimal requirement for audit at insurance companies was approved in Azerbaijan