Six killed, five injured in string of Iraq violence

Arab World Materials 8 June 2010 14:37 (UTC +04:00)

Six people were killed and five were injured in separate incidents of violence in Iraq, Iraqi police announced on Tuesday.

One policeman was killed and two soldiers injured in clashes between militants and a joint Iraqi police and army task force in the districts of al-Intisar and Sumer in the northern city of Mosul, DPA reported.

Iraqi security forces arrested 15 of the militants.

Separately, a woman and a young man were shot and killed by militants in Mosul's Yarmuk district. Police chased the militants, killing two of them. The rest escaped.

The body of an unidentified 19 year old male with bullet wounds was found in the area of al-Wahda, also in Mosul, police sources said.

A Sahwa (Awakening) movement leader and government official survived an assassination attempt when a bomb targeting his convoy exploded in the city of al-Halla, 100 kilometres south of Baghdad.

Sabah al-Janabi and three of his companions were wounded in the attack, police said.

Separately, Sahwa forces succeeded in foiling an al-Qaeda leader's plan to rebuild the organisation's network in the city of Baquba and flee to Baghdad, Iraqi government newspaper al-Sabah reported.

"The Sahwa fighters, of which there are 8,060 in Baquba, have taken their security positions and carried out their tasks, including cooperating with tribal leaders to thwart al-Qaeda's plan to restore the organisation after the heavy blows it received from Iraqi and Sahwa forces in the past years," government official Khaled al-Lahibi said.

The Sahwa militias are Sunni fighters who cooperated with US and Iraqi government forces, and are frequently targeted by militants.