Israel Fear to Face Demographic Problem – Syrian Expert

Politics Materials 27 February 2008 12:03 (UTC +04:00)
Israel Fear to Face Demographic Problem – Syrian Expert

Azerbaijan, Baku, 27 February / Trend corr. R.Hafizoglu, R.Abdullayev / The statement made by Ehud Barak, the Prime Minister of Israel, showed that he does not oppose the residents of Dutch mountains in Syria to receive the Syrian citizenship and Israel tries to settle its demographic problem in the country.

"There is a drastic differences in birth rate between Jewish and Arabians living in Israel," the Syrian expert stated to Trend .

According to the information spread by Al-Hayat newspaper, published in London in the Arabian language, Ehud Barak, the Defense Minister of Israel, stated that he did not object if the residents of Dutch mountains would receive the Syrian citizenship. Barak believes that this step may be considered as initial stage for peace negotiations with Damask.

According to the high standing analytic of the Political Analysis Centre of Syria, who asked for anonymity, Minister attempts to solve the demographic problem of the country which has been observed for latest ten years. "Even the Dutch mountains are considered the occupied territories, the Arabians residing in the territory are the full citizens of Israel," the Syrian analytic reported to Trend by a telephone from Damask.

The Syrian analytic believes that the Israeli government is concerned with increase number of Arabians in the country and feels fear to face with demographic problem. "One of the serious problems, which Israel experience now is demographic problem. So, Israel wants to decrease the number of Arabians in the territory of its country. As Arabians are full citizens of the country and they could exert serious influence on the political future of the country," he noted.

The Syrian analytic believes that the statement made by the Israeli official cannot be considered as the first stage of negotiations with Syria. "Initially the occupied Dutch mountains should be returned to their historical owners in order to start negotiations between Israel and Syria. The issue concerning further development of relations between the both countries may be considered only after liberation of the territories," the analytic stated.

The Israeli Foreign Minister denied commenting the information spread by Al-Hayat. However, Eddi Shapira, an official representative of Foreign Ministry, stated in exclusive interview to Trend that Israel usually demonstrates peace willing with Syria. In its turn Syria should stop supporting of terrorist organizations Hezbollah, HAMAS and others which hold terror against Israel. Shapira noted that Damask renders shelter and free transport to terror leaders Khaled Mashal and Sheikh Nasralla.

Shapira stated that Syria would not hold negotiations with Israel, which had close military and political ties with the religious regime of Iran. " Iran supports terror on international level, sponsor HAMAS in Gaza. Iran trains fighters among Palestinian gangs, and supplies them with armament and funds," Israeli Foreign Ministry official said.

The strategic Dutch mountains, which belong to Syria, were occupied by Israel during the Arabian-Israeli war in 1967.

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