Jalaloglu should resign from post of ADP chairman вЂ" party activist

Politics Materials 29 December 2005 12:08 (UTC +04:00)

“Sardar Jalaloglu, the first vice chairman of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP), should resign, Aydin Guliyev, a member of the Supreme Assembly of the ADP, told Trend.

Last week Guliyev was excluded from the membership at the Supreme Assembly of the ADP. He appealed to the leadership of the party in connection with the decision, which contradicts the Charter of the Party.

Guliyev said that supporters of the development and renewal of the party would take victory over a group of monopolists. Guliyev noted that the group is led by Sardar Jalaloglu. “New forces should come to the leadership of the ADP,” Guliyev said.

Guliyev stressed that he will participate in the gathering of the Supreme Assembly, which will be held in mid-January. “Control-inspection commission of the party excluded me from the Supreme under the pressure and direct order by Jalaloglu. It contradicts the charter as I was elected to the Supreme Assembly at the conference,” he underlined.

Guliyev said that every day he contacts with the chairman of the party, Rasul Guliyev, while avoided going into details.

In his turn Jalaloglu attributed the statements by Guliyev as groundless and nonsense. “He is not a member of the party, while his statements on ADP are not accepted in the party,” he underlined.