Politics Materials 6 July 2006 12:03 (UTC +04:00)

Consumer market

In May 2006 a rise of the retail goods turnover got restored amid continuing rise of the community services and was 15.4%. In January to May the amount of retail goods turnover comprised 2241.7m manats, or 12.2% up as compared to last year. The commercial services delivered to population comprised 488.3bn manats, or 31.9% up as compared to last year.


Over the first 5 months inflation ratio rose inconsiderably 5.6% against 11.4% last year. The consumer prices grew 6.3%, or 1.1% less as compared to previous month.

Inconsiderable rise in growth pace of inflation was caused by rise of growth pace of prices on all major category of goods and services. In May prices of foodstuff rose 8.6%, or 6.9% more than 2005. Non-foodstuff prices grew inconsiderably 2.3%, or 4% more than previous yea

As compared to December 2005 in this period index of industrial goods product grew 11.1%, or 6.2% less than January-May 2006 and 3.7% - less than May 2005. Rise over 5 months made up 17.3% as compared to last year. In this period prices in oil and gas production rose 13.4%, while in May 1.4%, wholesale prices in oil refinery grew 47.5%, though in May the rise comprised 46.8%. In refinery of chemical products drop was 4.3%, while in May it was 1%. Rose in metallurgy made up 8.4% and 0.9% respectively. In energy sector the prices remained unchanged and comprised 99.9%.