In 2006 European Court on Human Rights Overturned only One Decision of Azerbaijani Courts

Society Materials 12 February 2007 15:19 (UTC +04:00)

The Chairman of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan, Ramiz Rzayev, informed Trendthat 1478 cases were sent to the European Court on Human Rights in 2006 and only one of those cases from the Azerbaijani courts has been overturned.

The European Court have overturned 1560 decisions against the Republic since Azerbaijan joined, 91 вЂ" France, 102 вЂ" Russian Federation, 67 вЂ" Hungary, 22 вЂ" Croatia, 21 вЂ" Austria and 120 вЂ" Ukraine.

The Supreme Court has prepared and sent 30 regulations to the Legal Court Council of Azerbaijan in connection with citizens' dissatisfaction to their decisions.