Agricultural production decreases in Uzbekistan

Business Materials 3 April 2019 16:22 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, April 3

By Fakhri Vakilov – Trend:

The shortage of Uzbekistan in all types of crop production in 2018 compared to the previous year was 95.3 percent, Trend reports with reference to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan.

State Statistics Committee noted that the volume of crop production in January-September 2018 exceeded 102.4 trillion soums compared to the corresponding period of 2017. The share of crop production in the total volume of agricultural production amounted to 53.2 percent.

In January-December 2018, all farms produced 6.375,400 tons (87.5 percent in relation to the corresponding period of 2017) of grain crops, and 2.750,100 tons (98.4 percent) of potatoes were harvested, 9.635,100 tons (94.3 percent) of vegetables were harvested, melon food products – 1.904,900 tons (93.8 percent), fruits and berries – 2.589,700 tons (99 percent), grapes – 1.564,500 tons (96.2 percent).

Official statistics have recorded that personal subsidiary farms are the main producers of most types of crop production. So, last year they produced 88.4 percent of the total volume of potatoes, 74.3 percent of vegetables, 60.8 percent of melon food products, 62.6 percent of fruits and berries, 55 percent of grapes.

A significant part of the grain was produced by farms; they own 78.7 percent of the volume of this product.

The production of raw cotton has decreased by almost 20 percent. In 2018, all categories of farms in Uzbekistan harvested 2.3 million tons of raw cotton, and this figure, compared to last year, was 80.3 percent. The main part, or 96.2 percent of harvested raw cotton, comes from farms.

As follows from the collection “Agriculture of Uzbekistan. 2014-2017 ”, a significant reduction in crop production in the country began in 2017. The year before, in particular, wheat production amounted to 87.7 percent compared to 2016, barley - 80.2 percent, rice - 87.5 percent, raw cotton - 98 percent, vegetables - 90.6 percent, fodder roots - 84.7 percent, etc.

As a result, there was a decrease in the yield of the main agricultural crops - wheat from 47.9 centners from a hectare in 2016 to 42.2 in 2017, rice - from 34.4 to 30.9 centners, and potatoes - from 225.1 to 217.9 centners , vegetables - from 271.1 to 253.6 centners, fruits and berries - from 134.1 to 118.3 centners per hectare. The exception is grapes, the yield of the vine has increased to 157 centners per hectare in 2017 (in 2016 it was 141.9 centners).


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