Annual review of key events in Azerbaijan's ICT sector for 2021

ICT Materials 27 December 2021 10:42 (UTC +04:00)
Annual review of key events in Azerbaijan's ICT sector for 2021

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Dec. 27

By Sadraddin Aghjayev - Trend:

Trend News Agency presents an overview of the most important events in 2021 in the ICT sector of Azerbaijan.

Much attention has been paid to the gaming industry sector in Azerbaijan during this year. Online games have become the latest trend in the gaming sector in Azerbaijan. A sufficient number of computer and mobile games was noted in Azerbaijan, as well as local companies of game developers. In the summary of many Azerbaijani citizens with experience in programming and related industries, experience in the development of the gaming sector is indicated.

In addition, comparing the development of this sector of Azerbaijan with Turkey, then in terms of opportunities and technologies, they are equal.

The ecosystem of this industry requires development, in connection with which a number of relevant companies and centers have been opened in Azerbaijan to support the developers of this industry to apply the experience and skills of foreign developers by holding relevant events.

In the direction of the development of the gaming ecosystem of Azerbaijan, various meetings are held in the country with the heads of foreign companies of game developers. Since the first days of 2021, monthly Azerbaijani players in this sector have held various seminars, B2B meetings and a number of other events that have contributed to the development of this sector in Azerbaijan.

In addition, in 2021, it was determined that the priority task of Azerbaijan in the implementation of "smart" projects is the use of "green" technologies. It was noted that before embarking on the "smart city" and "smart village" projects, it is necessary to create an appropriate fiber-optic network to cover the liberated territories of Azerbaijan with an Internet connection and provide these districts with uninterrupted electricity through the construction of new or reconstruction of old power plants.

It was also noted that the liberated territories of Azerbaijan are currently provided with mobile Internet by 52 percent. In order to meet the demand of citizens for telecommunication services in the districts of the country, the Ministry of Digital Development has carried out work during this year to expand the communication network, gradually implementing infrastructure projects.

The ministry also modernized the trunk and distribution networks. Over the past period, along with these works, new electronic automatic telephone exchanges were installed and put into operation in the centers and villages of Agstafa, Gazakh, Gakh, Ismayilli, Gadabay, Gabala, Gusar, Bilasuvar, Goygol and Agjabadi districts. Work continues to expand the coverage area and increase the existing tanks.

In addition, during 2021, information systems and resources of about 40 state structures of Azerbaijan have already been placed in the Government Cloud (G-Cloud). In accordance with the plan, a gradual transition of information systems of state bodies to the G-Cloud began.

In the field of development of robotics, Azerbaijan continued development in this area this year. Thus, private organizations in the country working in the field of robotics have established cooperation with companies from Canada, Korea, Germany, Japan and the UK under the Robotics Programming Simulator program. The Ministry of Communications of Azerbaijan in this direction closely cooperates with Microsoft Corporation, as well as with local private companies in the field of artificial intelligence.

Azerbaijan has actively participated in the preparation of the legal framework for the application of AI, which is an innovation, and currently, a number of gaps are noted in its application. In the future, with the participation of Azerbaijan, it is planned to create the first Convention for the regulation of the application of artificial intelligence solutions.

It is also worth noting that 2021 has become a continuation of the development and digitalization of mobile banking services. The transition of the bank's relations with customers from the traditional to the digital environment is characterized by deepening platformization based on the horizontal expansion of products and services, the introduction of the latest innovations in the field of information technology. It was noted that the richness of digital services must be ensured by redefining the chain of services provided by banks via the bank's mobile application, which will have a direct impact on the expansion of the use of value-added services over web banking.

As part of comprehensive security measures in Azerbaijan, monitoring and regular assessment of risks in mobile banking were carried out (work will continue in the future). A set of measures is being carried out, such as conducting intervention tests, using biometric identification methods when entering a mobile bank, requiring a one-time password when registering a payment card, informing bank customers about security requirements through various channels and other measures.

Also, to improve the efficiency of distance education, methods have been developed to improve management efficiency using Data Mining technology on the Education 4.0 platform. Azerbaijan is developing methods to improve the efficiency of e-education management using Data Mining technology on the Education 4.0 platform. The implementation of this initiative is an important element of the country's educational sector. The analysis of research results will help in predicting the progress and level of knowledge of students to determine individual approaches for the most effective teaching.

Azerbaijan closely cooperates with the global Microsoft corporation and a number of other international companies in the field of cybersecurity development. Thus, Microsoft shares with Azerbaijani partners its experience in combating modern cyber threats and holds regular meetings with corporate customers, partners, and other vendors. The corporation shares its experience in combating modern cyber threats, about possible risks and offers close cooperation because the growing threats can be resisted only by joining forces.

Through the Enterprise Skilling Initiative, Microsoft supports Azerbaijan in awareness of this topic. It is noted that cybersecurity remains the number one priority around the world. Microsoft takes security very seriously and is constantly monitoring the current cyber threat landscape to improve its products. In addition, in this direction, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) is expanding international cooperation on cyber security.

As part of international cooperation, the CBA has reached agreements with the central banks of Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Poland, Germany, the UK and a number of other developed countries. The regulator also cooperates with international organizations specializing in cybersecurity, and work to expand these contacts will continue in the future.

Furthermore, in 2021, Azerbaijan's digital trade hub began integrating foreign technologies on its platform in order to attract more participants to the project, as well as investors. In this direction, a number of meetings were held within the framework of the e-commerce consortium with the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications of Azerbaijan, PASHA Bank, B.EST Solutions and AzerTelecom.

Also, negotiations are underway to establish cooperation with foreign portals similar to Azerbaijan's trade hub. The main areas of negotiations are the possibilities of integrating foreign solutions and the exchange of experience. It is also planned to promote the portal abroad by organizing business trips to neighboring countries.

In addition to these projects, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of Azerbaijan has launched an online platform, which is important in terms of establishing operational contact between business and government agencies, ensuring transparency and accountability of business, expanding G2B and B2B relations, and digitalizing business processes. It was noted that the organization of the portal operation according to the "single window" principle will simplify the use of the system.

The breakthrough event of 2021 was also the launch of the Apple Pay payment instrument in the country, which will lead to additional growth in non-cash payments in the country. However, payment solutions Google Pay, Samsung Pay and PayPal payment system may be launched in Azerbaijan as early as next year.

According to the country's regulator, the appearance of Apple Pay on the Azerbaijani market will help accelerate the introduction of a similar solution from Google and Samsung in the country. The CBA has already sent relevant inquiries to these companies, and assessment work is underway on these processes in Azerbaijan.

In addition, the Dutch Signify, a world leader in lighting, has created an integrated lighting system in Baku, which has increased the city's energy efficiency by up to 80 percent. The company hopes that the "smart" lighting of Signify urban infrastructure will appear in other districts of Azerbaijan.

In addition to Signify, in the next few years, Baku plans to introduce a modern lighting model with the ability to control light throughout the city. The project will be carried out by the regional office of the US CISCO transnational company.

The company believes that in order to implement such a project with maximum efficiency, a single technical infrastructure is needed so that all public and private organizations are part of a single infrastructure.


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