Advantages of using modernized floating power units in Kazakh copper project named

Kazakhstan 26 January 2022 18:06 (UTC +04:00)
Advantages of using modernized floating power units in Kazakh copper project named

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Jan. 26


The use of modernized floating power units (MFPU) at the mining and processing plant within the Baimskaya copper project in Chukotka, Russia will significantly reduce the number of staff to service the floating power unit, the Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation - Rosatom told Trend.

On Sept. 3, 2021, FSUE Atomflot (Rosatom subsidiary) and GDK Baimskaya LLC (managed by Kazakhstan’s KAZ Minerals) signed a preliminary agreement on the electrical supply to ensure functioning of the plant.

On October 8, 2021, a cooperation agreement was signed between Atomenergomash (Rosatom's mechanical engineering division) and Atomflot for the supply of modernized floating power units that will provide energy to the GDK Baimskaya.

Atomenergomash is to supply Atomflot with four fully ready-to-operate MFPUs with an installed capacity of at least 106 MW each: three main and one standby, which will be switched on during repairs or refueling process.

The transaction amount accounts for 190.2 billion rubles ($2.4 billion). The commissioning of the first two power units in the area of ​​Cape Nagleynyn is expected by the beginning of 2027, the third – by the beginning of 2028, and the fourth – by the beginning of 2031.

MFPU is a new version of the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power plant, located in Russia’s Chukotka. The dimensions of the hull will be the same: length – 144 meters, width – 33 meters, and draught – 5 meters.

“The differences lie in the reactor facility (the MFPU provides for RITM-200 reactors instead of the KLT-40S), as well as in the turbogenerator installation. The electric capacity of such a power unit will be about 100 MW. The core with an increased campaign will operate for 5-6 years without rebooting. Unlike FNPP, there will be no transshipment complex at the MFPU. Also, fewer personnel will be required to service the floating power unit: if the FNPP employs 336 employees, the MFPU will need 128 people. The cost and construction schedule of the MFPU are also significantly reduced compared to the FNPP,” the company said.

The upgraded version of the FNPP has an impressive list of key advantages over the classic types of generation:

- gives the customer a clear understanding of energy cost due to independence from the market price of fuel (uranium on the market has less volatility);

- the possibility of fixing the tariff for derivative products (electricity, heating, clean water) for a period of 40-60 years;

- environmental friendliness – total absence of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere;

- no need to create fuel supply infrastructure;

- the atomic FPU has the potential of high maneuverability while delivering power.

Rosatom’s work within the framework of the Baimskaya field’s development covers two areas: energy supply and logistics.

The Baimskaya copper project is one of the world's most significant undeveloped copper assets with the potential to become a large scale, low cost open pit copper mine.

The Baimskaya project will begin production by the end of 2027, with an annual ore processing capacity of 70 million tons. A banking feasibility study for the Baimskaya copper project has been completed and approved by the board of directors of KAZ Minerals Limited.