Serial killer of old women condemned to 759 years in jail in Mexico

Other News Materials 1 April 2008 04:05 (UTC +04:00)

( dpa ) - A Mexican serial killer who targeted elderly women was condemned to 759 years in jail on Monday for the murder of at least 16 women and for 12 instances of robbery.

According to Mexican law, however, Juana Barraza, better known as La Mataviejitas, "The Killer of Old Women," will only be required to serve 50 years in jail.

A criminal court judge also ruled that Barraza, 50, should pay some 9,100 dollars for her crimes, or do community service if she lacks the money.

The woman is believed to have launched her killing spree in 1999 and was arrested in January 2006, following the murder of an 82-year- old woman and an investigation of nearly two years.

According to independent investigators, some 40 crimes are similar to those for which Barraza was sentenced, but her involvement has only been proved in 16 cases.

The killer told the media she hated old women for what she described as their arrogance.

She robbed and suffocated her victims, aged 64-82, who lived alone.

Barraza said her childhood was marked by abandonment and her adult life was difficult and lonely.