Erdogan vows to resolve economic difficulties of Turkey

Türkiye Materials 7 October 2021 23:01 (UTC +04:00)
Erdogan vows to resolve economic difficulties of Turkey

Turkey has some difficulties in its economy, but the government is aware of its reasons, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Oct. 7, pledging to overcome problems over the issue, Trend reports citing Hurriyet Daily News.

“Turkey can look toward its future at a time when many countries, including developed countries, are experiencing food supply concerns. That doesn’t mean there is no problem. Of course, we have problems, we know what causes them and how to solve them,” Erdogan told his party members.

There are many projects in the pipeline which all citizens will benefit from, and those projects will be announced and implemented in the coming weeks and months.

“The significant growth figures in the first and second quarters of this year indicate that we are heading in the right direction,” Erdogan said, but noted that opposition parties are still not satisfied.

Last week, the government increased the wages of workers and civil servants whose contracts were renewed, he said.

“Both our public servants and our workers are satisfied. We proved that we stand by them with an average increase of around 30 percent in the period when inflation was below 20 percent,” he added.

The government has brought agriculture to its current level by determining it as a strategic sector in Turkey, Erdogan said.

“We have given all kinds of support. We give and we will give. We have reached the highest levels in the history of the republic by increasing its agricultural output to 337 billion Turkish Liras and its exports to $20 billion,” he stated.

The government has kept public prices at the lowest level by subsidizing them since the pandemic, he said and added, “We strive to provide international contracts with the highest advantage for our country. We are aware of what is happening in the world and in our country, and we are taking our steps accordingly.”

Erdogan warned his party grassroots that “attacks” against the party and the government will increase as the country approaches elections in 2023.

Party members should not be complacent, and they must be on the field, the president said. “If we can achieve this, 2023 will be the starting point of the journey to greater goals,” he added.