Nuclear Plan Pretext for US to Attack Iran: Russian Political Expert

Politics Materials 4 December 2007 18:49 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr Trend D.Khatinoglu / The United States does not restrict pressures on Iran through diplomatic means and state that they are considering war.

"The nuclear plan is only a pretext for the United State to justify its attacks on Iran," Heydar Jamal, the Russian political expert and chairman the Islamic Committee of Russia, said.

In a meeting held on 1 December at the level of heads of UN it was decided to make the decision for 5+1 countries to prepare an initial variant of the third Resolution against Iran. The UN Security Council has adopted two resolutions (1737 and 1747).

Jamal said in a telephone interview that on 4 December the resolution of the UN Security Council will serve as a green light for attacks on Iran. "The United States led Tehran to the condition that Iran has nothing to do but demonstrate disregard towards the revolution. The nuclear issue is a pretext for the United States to show the world that it is impossible to convince Iran through diplomatic talks. This plan was also implemented for the Iraqi Government. The United States first used diplomatic pressures on Saddam Hussein through UN resolutions, but later announcing the impossibility of convincing this country through diplomatic ways assured firm grounds for its attacks. Then the United States and especially, the intelligence bodies of NATO convinced Hussein by roundabout ways that war will not break out and provoked him to counteract the United States. The same scenario was developed for Iran," the political expert said.

According to Jamal, military action is inevitable for both countries. "For over 29 years the revolutionary Sepah has been used in Iran by mullahs, who are in search of stability, and became the mafia. During the Iranian-Iraqi war mullahs sent 1 million revolutionary spirited young people to war. The new revolutionary spirited young generation led by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejat is eager to get rid of exploitation by mullahs, get involved in independent activities and become independent like the Hezbolah organization functioning in Lebanon. The only way for it is the commencement of a new war," Jamal said.