“Nar Sharab” – address of pleasure and enjoyment

Society Materials 11 January 2016 10:39 (UTC +04:00)
“Nar Sharab” restaurant which is situated on the shore of the Caspian sea, Bibiheybet,next to the Shikh beach
“Nar Sharab” – address of pleasure and enjoyment

"Nar Sharab" restaurant which is situated on the shore of the Caspian sea, Bibiheybet,next to the Shikh beach (https://www.facebook.com/Nar-Sharab-Beach-551098988261553/?fref=ts), is one of the well-known recreation centers of Baku, beginning working at full capacity as usual, gives satisfaction and pleasantness to the clients who value the high class and qualitative service. Rumors and lies spread by some mass media the last months of the previous year didn't make the professional staff working in the public catering who won the hearts of the capital residents and guests with the uniqueness and comfort and most importantly, unique cuisine give up at all. Fuad Guliyev, who manages the restaurant, says: "Nar Sharab" is eager to strengthen the image of the exemplary representative and propagator of national cuisine culture. Hundreds of guests who celebrated the New Year holiday in the restaurant with pleasant emotions and unforgettable impressions witnessed this....

Magnificent five-storey building where the architectural elements combine the past and contemporaneity in perfect and dynamic way, large and bright halls, summer arenas and terraces decorated with pleasure, pool and of course, the sea views that admire everyone are the special features of "Nar Sharab" attracting attention at first sight. But these characteristics belonging to some well-known restaurants of the capital wouldn't might be sufficient for a catering place being so elite and famous for a short time. When "Nar Sharab" began its first steps in 2012, the main goal of the restaurant was-to create a luxury place of recreation and entertainment in accordance with the highest service which would glorify the national cuisine in Baku which was determining its place on the world tourism map like a new shining star among the Euroasian capital cities ...

"Nar Sharab" meets all the requirements of the category it belongs: not only interior and exterior, but also furniture and equipment, crockery and table coverings, everything the client sees and touches are unique and perfect. The guests provided with the guarding parking are offered dining tables with cosy relaxation corner lounged with soft furniture in small and large rooms. The important feature of the halls where the photos of the old and modern Baku are exhibited with pleasure and different historical things are demonstrated, is the cabinets of shelves filled with pretty books in each of them. There is a special stage for the musicians in the banquet halls, as well as a grand piano meant just for guests in some halls....

Restaurant offers to its clients the most delicious dishes of the national and European cuisine. Local chefs owning perfect knowlege of national cuisine culture, as well as having experience in Italy and France, carry out each order with high quality. Each dish and salad included in the menu is mostly made from local products in the restaurant. We would better advise you come to our restaurant and taste these blessings,rather than enumerate them one by one and telling the method and technologies of preparation of the meals.

"Nar Sharab" is known for its exclusive dishes, as in any restaurant of the world. For example, the famous omul (kutum) lavangi which's small bones are removed, but doesn't lose its appearence, is the windfall to the client who has no patience to clean the fish from bones. Even the foreign guests had ordered the omul lavangi for taking it to their countries. And also, the exclusive "Nar Sharab" salad which is taken from the restaurant's name and special brand of the restaurant "narplov" can be find neither in Baku nor in any place of the world. But all the seafood dishes cooked in Turkey can be ordered in "Nar Sharab". So, the chefs of special operating turkish restaurant "Istanbul balikchasi" (https://www.facebook.com/istanbulbalikchisi/?fref=ts) offer very delicious dishes and launches prepare from the products right from the Medditerranean sea to every guest who comes there.

In the restaurant, which receives 400 guests in the seasons of autumn and winter,and more than 600 guests in spring and summer, it's possible to organize weddings, banquets and corporate events either in the open air or in the hall, the guests are presented show programs with the participation of pop stars and ntional music performers every evening.

The claims about the prices of "Nar Sharab" being out of reach are nothing but a fib. The prices are suitable for every one who appreciates the high class service, healthy and qualitative meal and blissful relaxation. Even, the friendly and polite waiters are always ready to offer the menu according to the financial situation of the guests.

...Maybe there is no need to praise"Nar Sharab" like that. But, unfortunately, there are some people who blacken the name of well-known catering place which preserves and promotes the national cuisine culture and culinary traditions, the ownership structure that benefits to the state budget and the lovely place which provides the guaranteed workplace for dozens of citizens in the present time when the development of tourism is more actual. The attempts to discredit this exemplary project of restaurant business of Azerbaijan is in vain, by spreading the false information about "Nar Sharab" belonging to some official whose illegal acts was exposed. The restaurant's doors are open to its guests round the clock!