Imprisonment term of Azeri law-defenders in Georgia prolonged by 2 months

Society Materials 14 November 2005 17:36 (UTC +04:00)

“The imprisonment term of Telman Hassanov, the resident of the Vakhtangisi village, Gardabani region, Georgia, was prolonged by 2 months due to continuation of investigation in regard to him,” Elkhan Polukhov, the spokesman of the Azerbaijani embassy in Georgia, told Trend.

The diplomat noted that Hassanov was placed at prison 1 and served his 3-month term at the sentence of the Gardabani region court, but his imprisonment was prolonged at the sentence of the court when the term expires.

“The court founded its sentence with continuation of investigation measures,” Polukhov said. He noted that they receive all information about Hassanov through his lawyers.

As of the health of law-defender, the Azerbaijani diplomat stressed that in accordance with the medical examination his state did not cause anxiety. He also noted that one of the policemen came out as victim suffered from acts of the law-defenders i.e. Hassanov was accused of resistance and infliction of bodily harm. “We try to follow the situation,” Polukhov noted.

The lawyers of Hassanov told Trend that they addressed to Azerbaijani MPs at the Georgian Parliament to sign an application on bailment, but MPs refused.

The Georgian citizens of Azerbaijani origin living in the Vakhtangisi village held protest action and blocked the road on 16 September. The participants of the action led by Hassanov accused the authorities of violation of minorities’ rights.

The Georgian police asked the participants of the action to unblock the road, but they refused. Besides, Hassanov showed resistance to the police.