Structural changes expected at Ataholding in 2006

Business Materials 9 December 2005 14:54 (UTC +04:00)

Ataholding, an Azerbaijani group of companies, will see some changes within its structure in 2006, Ali Ihsan Danishman, the chairman of AtaTechnology, told the conference on Friday. It is also planned to establish companies on new spheres, he added.

Today AtaHolding has 10 member-companies. The company’s plans cover the establishment of AtaFactoring and AtaInvest companies in the financial sector, AtaLogistics вЂ" in the service sector, AtaGida вЂ" in the sphere of agriculture and food industry. Besides, the company will set up assimilation of a new sector вЂ" international trade, where it is planned to establish two companies вЂ" AtaMarketing and AtaTrading.