1352, 2m AZM of credits invested in Azeri economy

Business Materials 7 April 2006 19:28 (UTC +04:00)

1352, 2m AZM of credits have been invested into the Azerbaijani economy by the March 1 206, according to the National Bank data. The given figure has decreased in 2,1% this February and grew to 25, 1%, NB told Trend. The total weight of the outdated credits is 4, 93% (66, 7m AZM), excluding the credit debts of Agrarcredit.

58, 9% of them are short-term credits- 797, 1m AZM and 48,5m AZM of them (6,08%) are problem credits. The summary amount of long term credits is 555, 1 bln AZM (41, 1 %) with 18, 2 m AZM of outdated credits.

629,5m AZM have been invested by the State banks (46,55%),674,4m AZM private banks(49,88%),48,3(3,57%) by the non-bank credit organizations. Foreign credits make up 262,8m AZM with the total weight of 19,43%. Banks with 100% of foreing credit credited 27,4m AZM (2,03%).

554,9m AZM of credits have been provided in the national currency (41,04%), and 797,3m AZM (58,96 %) in foreign currencies. 151,7m AZM have been sent into the State sector(11,22%), 1200,5m AZM into the private sector (88,78%). 28,9% were invested into private businesses, 25,83%- trade, services, 8,02%- transport, communications, 7,13%- agriculture, 6,17%-industry and production, 6,04%- building and construction, 3,64% - in energy sector.