Solar Energy Institute to be created in Turkmenistan

Oil&Gas Materials 12 June 2014 15:49 (UTC +04:00)

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, June 12
By Huseyn Hasanov- Trend:

Turkmen President Gurbangulu Berdimuhamedov signed a decree on the establishment of the Institute of Solar Energy of the Turkmen Academy Sciences.

In accordance with the published document, the creation of a new institution will serve the purposes of the deep study of the potential of renewable energy sources in the country, improving scientific and technological research and wide introduction of the relevant scientific research and innovation in to the production."

In accordance with the decree, the Turkmen Academy of Sciences is instructed to develop and adopt the charter of the Institute of Solar Energy within the established order.

The document also stipulates that the Academy of Sciences jointly with the Justice Ministry will prepare and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers the proposals on the amendment to the Turkmen legislation the changes and additions arising from this decision in a month's time.

In 2012, it was reported that the Turkmen Academy of Sciences received the first sample of technical silicon from quartz sand using solar energy. Furthermore, the country's scientists developed autonomous solar-wind complex capable to provide remote pastures in the desert conditions with water and energy within a year.

There are the solar desalination plant, as well as the facility caring out autonomous supply of hot water, and solar greenhouse with heat-keeping ground among other developments.The production solar batteries for export may be launched in Turkmenistan, according to the international experts.

This process could begin with the production of raw material (monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon) in Turkmenistan with the advantage that the energy required for the production of silicon is quite cheap due to the vast oil and gas resources, even in medium-sized fields.

The experts believe that Turkmenistan will make significant savings by using solar energy. It is necessary to expand production technologies for the creation of solar modules and complete solar power in the future in this regard.

Climatic conditions of Turkmenistan allow almost all year round use of solar and wind energy.

The length of sunny days reaches16 hours in Turkmenistan in July. The energy of the sun rays falling on one square meter is 800 watts. There are approximately 300 sunny days in a year, and the duration of sunny days reaches 2500- 3000 hours a year.

Earlier Turkmen media reported that the country plans to establish a large-scale wind and solar energy complexes, whose composition will include solar photovoltaic power plants, solar photobioreactors, dryers, desalination plants, wind-solar installation for waste disposal, solar collectors.

As Turkmen specialists point out, the autonomous complexes of this kind can provide livelihoods of entire villages and livestock farms.

The project on the study of production possibilities of silicon for solar photovoltaic cells is underway in Turkmenistan that will put the country on a par with the states that have obtained commercial production of technical silicon.

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