Summary of additional production works at Bahar-Gum Deniz block

Oil&Gas Materials 5 January 2021 10:42 (UTC +04:00)
Summary of additional production works at Bahar-Gum Deniz block

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Jan.5

By Leman Zeynalova – Trend:

A number of additional production works have been carried out at Bahar-Gum Deniz oil and gas fields in Azerbaijan, Trend reports with reference to the US Greenfields Petroleum Company, which operates the project through its subsidiary BEOC.

The works are as follows:

- Construction of “Closed Loop System” project stipulated to prevent pollution of environment through discharge of formation water from technological storage reservoirs located at Oil Processing Unit is ongoing by “Construction Department”.

- Continuing cleaning out the bottom of 2nd tank from the sediments at 2000 tanks farm at Oil Processing Unit.

- Damage on the side wall of the cellar of oil heating unit at Oil Preparation and Transportation field was eliminated. - Installation of valves has begun on 20” production line considered between OGSU#1 of Compressor Stations, Gas Collection, Processing and Delivery Unit and Oil Processing Unit

- Due to removal of Gas Distribution Point at causeway connected to PLT450 “Construction Department” initiated laying of 3 ea of 2.5” gas lift lines running from causeway PLT009 to PLT450 at Gum-Deniz Field, connection works will be proceeded.

- For carrying out the operations on the wells with high paraffin content on PLT9 of Gum Deniz field, with assistance of Construction Division the replacement with another tank continues due to the leak on white oil storage tanks.

Greenfields Petroleum Corporation is a junior oil and natural gas company focused on the development and production of proven oil and gas reserves principally in Azerbaijan. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Bahar Energy Limited (BEL), the corporation owns an 80 percent interest in the Exploration, Rehabilitation, Development and Production Sharing Agreement (the “ERDPSA”) with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan ("SOCAR") and its affiliate SOCAR Oil Affiliate (“SOA”) in respect of the offshore block known as Bahar Gum Deniz (the “Bahar Project”) which includes the Bahar Gas Field and the Gum Deniz Oil Field.

The Bahar Project is operated by BEOC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BEL, under the terms of a Joint Operating Agreement.

The Bahar Gas Field consists of 45 offshore platforms including a central processing and metering platform to gather the gas for onward transport through a three 12-inch pipelines to the shore-based gas and liquid handling facilities. The platforms, in most cases are built on 24 to 30 pilings each in an average water depth of about 16 metres.

The Gum Deniz Oil Field is located south of the Absheron peninsula, 21 km south of Baku, between Gum Island and the Bahar Gas Field. The Gum Deniz Oil Field extends from onshore Gum Island, which is 2.5 km from the mainland to the south in the Caspian Sea. The Gum Deniz Oil Field is found along the Fatmai–Gum Adasi anticlinal trend which includes the Bahar and Shakh Deniz structures. Oil in the Gum Deniz Oil Field is trapped in a north-south trending structure that is approximately 16 kilometres in length and 3 kilometres in width. The Gum Deniz Oil Field is structurally up-dip from the Bahar Gas Field.


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