SOCAR to Completes Modernizing Vessels of Geophysics and Geology Department

Oil&Gas Materials 5 March 2007 18:09

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr. Trend S.Aliyev / The Geophysics and Geology Department of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) carried out work to implement orders for the use of vessels that are owned by the Department. They may be involved in work in Azerbaijan and other Caspian littoral countries, the same Department stated.

Presently these vessels are undergoing modernization and should be completed this year. Once the vessels have been updated, they will be subcontracted out to a number of companies who are working on demand by foreign companies in the Caspian Sea. In particular the vessels may be used by Fugro Company, which participates in many tenders on implementation of geotechnical and geophysical works, but does not possess its own vessels in the Caspian. In addition, these vessels may be used to implement orders of BP Azerbaijan in the Azerbaijani sector of Caspian Sea.

Presently the Department has three vessels "Geophysics- 1", "Geophysics- 2", "Geophysics- 3", as well as vessel " Baku". The vessels "Geophysics- 1" and "Geophysics- 2" have been modernized. The vessel " Baku" was used by the Company Caspian Geophysical in the Indian Ocean and was returned in 2004.