Iran's tax administration investigates tax evasion cases

Finance Materials 4 November 2019 14:46 (UTC +04:00)

TEHRAN, Iran, Nov.4


The Iranian National Tax Administration plans to confront tax evasion in various occupations, Director General of Special Inspection Office, Anti-money Laundering and Tax Evasion in Iranian National Tax Administration Hadi Khani told Trend in an interview.

"Some of the implemented steps include review and subsequent reclaiming tax operations alongside value added tax credits from fake invoices. They also involve review of tax payers in gold and jewelry industries and obtaining bank information to identify possible tax evasion in other provinces in the country," Khani said.

Among other steps taken to fight fraud, the director general named identifying tax evasions including abuse of exports exemptions in special economic free zones, and petrochemical products transactions in Iran Mercantile Exchange as well as obtaining financial information of suspicious individuals from reliable source.

"We also conduct review and analysis of certificates issued by Iran Medical Council for primary identification of doctors without tax profile, so there is an ongoing bank inquiry over doctors bank accounts turnover that have no tax files," Khani indicated.

"In this regard, there has been discovery of documents in one of the country's hospitals indicating lack of information over doctors' tax declaration and tax evasion that was officially discussed by hospital shareholders," the director general added.

"To identify tax evasions and confront large frauds , the Iranian National Tax Administration has established good data transactions with external organizations including the Central Bank of Iran over tax payment of gold coin and foreign currency buyers. We also work in cooperation with Iran Mercantile Exchange, Ministry of Intelligence, the General Inspection Organization of Iran, the Supreme Audit Court of Iran, and the Department of Confronting Economic Crimes in Iran police to uncover tax evasions and prevent financial fraud and violation," he said.