Trump’s decision to fire chief strategist signals policy changes - expert

Politics Materials 20 August 2017 15:20 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 20

By Farhad Daneshvar – Trend:

Chief strategist Steve Bannon is President Donald Trump’s latest top aide leaving his post at White House and this signals possible changes in the US foreign policy, an Iranian UK-based commentator suggested.

“Several months after the formation of the new administration, the continuation of the changes in the White House indicates the lack of coordination and coherence between the members of this government and the president, these changes will affect the policies of the US government both in domestic and in foreign policy,” Ali Pishro, doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham, told Trend.

“Naturally, the US government in its foreign policy, especially with regards to the Middle East and in particular Iran, needs a unified position. Given the circumstances and changes made to the White House, this will reduce Tramp’s chances to make any decisive decision,” he added.

Saying that the US has lessened its involvement in resolving regional issues, Ali Pishro added that the US approach in Syria could be an exception.

“The United States has officially announced that it will not remain in Syria after it defeats ISIS and this policy most likely will be followed by the approval and supports of the Democrats.”

Ali Pishro believes that the US regional allies consider Iran as a threat, therefore Trump is likely to make fundamental changes to his policies concerning the Islamic Republic.

Speaking about the domestic situation in the US, Pishro said that the American stock market has been in surge since Donald Trump assumed power which is due to optimism about the president’s business talent and his campaign promises particularly investment issues.

“Nevertheless, the continuation of his political problems will gradually leave a negative impact on his achievements.”

“The recent fluctuations in the stock market, suggest that the continuation of the president's political problems may frustrate investors and halt the process.”

Ali Pishro concluded suggesting that White House is seeking to mislead the public opinion about important issue through provoking discussions about the US-Russia ties.