Israel Deploys Patriot Complexes in North of Country

Israel Materials 20 February 2008 17:34 (UTC +04:00)

Israel, Jerusalem / corr. Trend R. Abdullayev/ Israel has deployed the anti-missile complexes 'Patriot' in the Hayfa region (North of Israel). By deploying the anti-missile complexes in north of the country, Israel gets prepared for the possible response by Hezbollah to the killing of Imad Murania- the commander-in-chief of Hezbollah's military wing. The news agency ISRA said on 18 February quoting the sources in Israeli defense bodies.

In 1991, the 'Partiot' complexes were bought from United States before the war in the Persian Gulf. However, these systems did not make a good showing at that time, as these could not catch 39 missiles launched from Iraq by the Army of Saddam Hussein.

The complexes have been modernized and improved, since then. At present, the complexes are aimed at catching small pilot less planes, with the help of which Hezbollah can revenge the assassination of Murania.