Band named the Clintons sings of Hillary

Other News Materials 5 April 2008 05:00 (UTC +04:00)

"Hey, Hill, if you ever dump Bill, come date me."

The lyrics are part of a love ballad penned to Hillary Rodham Clinton by a Montana band, aptly named the Clintons. ( AP )

The Bozeman-based band has been around since late 1999, when Clinton's husband still occupied the White House, although band members say they are not named after the famous couple. They say the band name was completely random.

Now, the Clintons are earning some national attention as a result of their ballad, "A Love Song for Hillary Clinton." They were part of a short segment on CNN and their video has received more than 4,600 hits on YouTube.

Band members say they decided to write the song after once again hearing jokes about Monica Lewinsky.

"We feel her pain," singer-songwriter John McLellan told the Missoulian. "We can't get no love, so let's love each other."

The song opens with McLellan singing: "Strong women turn me on. It's sexy when a woman knows exactly what she wants. And you're that girl. I think you're great. You're taken for the moment, so I'll just have to wait."

It so happens that the Democratic presidential candidate will be in Montana this weekend, attending the state party's annual dinner Saturday in Butte and a fundraiser the following day in Missoula. The band's schedule has them in Bozeman on Saturday night.

"If we get connected somehow to see her, or play a song for her, or take a photo, that'd be pretty cool," said bass guitarist A.J. Miller.

As for the jokes, the band says they have mostly gotten used to them over the years, and aren't above poking fun themselves. The name of the band's fan club?

The Interns.