Record anti-Israel protest claimed in New Zealand

Other News Materials 10 January 2009 07:58 (UTC +04:00)

About 500 protestors burned an Israel flag and threw shoes at the United States consulate in Auckland Saturday in what the organizer claimed was New Zealand's largest pro-Palestinian demonstration, dpa reported.

Some wore Palestinian flags and held placards of dead and mutilated children as they marched through the city centre chanting, "How many kids have you killed today, Israel, USA?" Radio New Zealand reported.

Protest organizer John Minto said it was the first protest march on an international day of action to mobilise the world against what he called the Israeli massacre of civilians in Gaza.

He called on the New Zealand government to condemn Israel's actions in the conflict.

Ed Brownlee, from the organization Kiwi Friends of Israel, accused some of the demonstrators of supporting terrorism.