State Should Secure Children’s Future – Azerbaijani MP

Politics Materials 3 October 2007 18:39

Azerbaijan, Baku / Тrend corr I. Alizadeh / The State should provide a monthly allowance to each new-born baby. This allowance will help to prevent a reduction in the population, according to the Deputy Executive Secretary of the governing New Azerbaijan Party (NAP), a member of the Azerbaijani Parliament's Permanent Commission on Security and Defence, Siyavish Novruzov.

"$3,000 should be paid for one baby and $10,000 for two babies," he said.

Allowances for newborns are not currently paid in Azerbaijan since targeted social aid was established in Azerbaijan in 2005. Previously the bonus allotted for each baby was AZM 9,000 (AZN 1.8). But the cost of living has increased and countries need to provide stronger incentive in order to maintain population levels. For instance, in the Ukraine and Russia newborns receive $15,000-20,000.

According Novruzov, funds may be paid not to the parents but be transferred to the children's bank accounts. Monthly incomes from the sum may be spent by the parents on the children. After the children reach maturity they may use the remainder of the money.

" Azerbaijan has opportunity to secure the future of the children by transferring money to their accounts," Novruzov said. According to the MP, thus the children after reaching maturity will have some money in their accounts. That will promote development of the future generations, he said.

Previously, an average statistical family had six or seven members, and now it is down to only three or four people, Novruzov said. "In order to prevent a reduction of Azerbaijan's population, definite measures should be taken. The profits Azerbaijan receives should be used for development of its human resources," he said.