Iranian observers note democratic, transparent organization of elections in Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 7 November 2005 15:04 (UTC +04:00)

“Iranian observers noted democratic and transparent organization of the parliamentary elections held in Azerbaijan,”Afshar Suleymani, the Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan, said to a news conference on Monday.

According to Suleymani, 21 observers from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassy conducted a monitoring in 180 election stations. “The elections were very considerable for Azerbaijan. We followed open and transparent elections, as well as activeness of electors. Both international and local observers confirmed democratic organization of the elections,” the Ambassador stressed. Suleymani also mentioned existence of some technical defects, but said that they were not able to affect the results of the elections. “The elections were held in accordance with the will of the Azerbaijani people,” he underlined.

“The election system of Azerbaijan constantly improves and the 6 November parliamentary elections testified for it,” Ahad Gazayi, the head of the Iranian observation delegation, also special representative of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said. According to Gazayi, he followed the elections held in Azerbaijan several times and first witnessed the real democratic elections.

The Iranian Ambassador voiced confidence that the newly-elected parliament would serve to the interests of the Azerbaijani people, restoration of the territorial integrity, strengthening of sovereignty, as well as development of the bilateral relations with neighbor countries, including Iran.