Elin Suleymanov: If music is the soul of Azerbaijan, Chingiz Sadikhov was its interpreter

Society Materials 13 January 2018 11:17 (UTC +04:00)

By Elin Suleymanov

Almost two weeks after the death of Maestro Chingiz Sadikhov, it is still very hard for me to say farewell to this amazing person and a veritable virtuoso of music. Azerbaijan is known for its musical talents, but even in such talent-rich environment Maestro Sadikhov was unique.

Since 1990s, the Maestro and his family have lived in Northern California. This is also, where I met him for the first time while serving as Azerbaijan’s Consul General in Los Angeles. Maestro Sadikhov and a fellow Californian, late science genius Lutfi Zadeh were among the most distinguished and accomplished figures in the Azerbaijani-American community. While we mourn losing both in 2017, those of us who knew them personally should be proud of having met such remarkable individuals.

Music became alive when Maestro Sadikhov played piano. With his light touch and passion, he made the most difficult accords of Azerbaijani music look easy. Even in his later years, and he was suffering from a prolonged illness, Chingiz Sadikhov never lost his easy mastery of the piano. He loved music of Azerbaijan and the music loved him back.

Everyone, who saw him play live, was awed by the boost of energy and joy he generated by playing music and how magical even most familiar notes sounded under his fingers. Representing the golden age of Azerbaijan’s music along with such masters as Rashid Behbudov and Muslim Magomaev, Maestro Sadikhov himself embodied the gold standard of Azerbaijani culture.

Chingiz Sadikhov was more than a maestro of music. He was a great patriot and pillar of the Azerbaijani identity in California. Both proud and humble, he was a true gentleman and an intellectual till his very last day. Maestro Sadigov’s achievements and unique, rich life are unimaginable without his amazing wife, friend and partner of many decades, Ceyran hanim Sadikhova.

Perhaps, we owe her much of the creative spark that kept Maestro Sadikhov’s musical genius alive and thriving. Therefore, I want thank Ceyran hanim as well as her daughters Lala and Nargiz and their families for caring for and nurturing their husband and father, a true legend of Azerbaijan’s music Maestro Chingiz Sadikhov.

Rest in Peace, Maestro Sadikhov! We miss you and will continue to listen to your music.

Allah Rəhmət Eləsin!