Cargo deliveries in Azerbaijan Increase

Business Materials 16 December 2006 12:48 (UTC +04:00)

According to the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan, January-November 2006 the Azerbaijani transport sector carried 130.2 million tons of various cargos, up 12.9% over year, Trend reports. From total amount of cargos 57.9% fall at the private sector. In this period, 50.8% of cargo was transported by motor transport, 18.5% via pipelines, including 4.9% via the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, 21% by railroad and 9.7% by sea.

Passenger transport carried 967.5 million people during the reported period, up 6.1% over year. 84.2% of all passengers were transported by private sector. Passenger transportation by automobiles constituted 84.6% of all passengers and metro - 15%.

Rail transportation carried 27.3mt of cargos, 14.9% more than 2005.

Marine transport carried 12.6mln tons of cargos, up 1.6% over year. 70.2% of transported cargo fell for oil products and oil, while the rest on dry cargo. 99.8% of cargo transportation fell on international operations. Passenger transportation rose 6.5%.

Amount of cargos processed in Azerbaijani ports in the reported period made 5.5mln tons, up 8.5% over year. 83.4% of the total cargo was transit cargo, which demonstrated 6.9%-rise. Alongside, import cargo rose 4.3 time and export cargo 31.4 times.

66.2mln tons of cargo was transported by automobiles, which is 6.3% more than 2005. the passenger transportation made up 815.6mln men (rose 5.7%).

In this period passenger transportation by metro rose 9.1% and made up 145.3 million people. The transportation by trolley-buses has been stopped since July 2006.

Passenger transportation via airways grew 8.8% and made up 1.2mln people. 5.8% of entire transportation was implemented by private sector.

In January-November 2006, 39.9mln tons of cargo has been transported via the Eurasian corridor, which exceeded the last year figure by 6.2% and comprised 34% of entire cargo deliveries to the country.