Iran to build two oil refineries in Jask

Oil&Gas Materials 30 September 2019 18:23 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran,Sept.30


Iran's Oil Minister has announced construction of two oil refineries in Jask area and contract to construct electro pumps to transfer crude oil from Goureh to Jask.

"One of the refineries will have production capacity of 300,000 barrels, while another refinery, which is a subsidiary of Bakhtar Petrochemicals Holding, will produce 150,000 barrels," said Bijan Zangeneh, Trend reports citing ISNA.

"The electro pump contract has a special role for Iranian companies, and the oil transfer plan from Goureh to Jask is a very big project. The contract worth 7,000 billion rial (around $166 million) is for construction of 50 pumps, and it is considered one of a unique kind in the country, " he said referring to the contract that was signed on Sept 30.

"The contract has been signed with three companies in Tabriz that are scheduled to deliver the project in less than one and half year, so it can transfer 1 million barrel of oil via 24-inch pipeline from Goureh to Jask ," he added.

"The total investment amounts to $1.8 billion. A massive terminal in Jask has been set up to harbor ocean liners to deliver oil, and the project on establishment of refineries and petrochemical facilities is a priority in the government's plans to develop Jask," he added.

"Iran is expected to produce sheets to build pipes for the first time; therefore, 50 units are currently active to complete the plan before 2021," he said.